All About Russian Girls

Russian girls are the best you can find

These are believed to have stunning looks and great personal traits all in one. These are the reasons why majority of foreigners won’t mind finding their one and only from Russia using online dating platforms. The moment a foreign businessman spots a good-looking lass, his heart is stolen.

Why Russian girls opt for a foreign guy?

Online dating has been a kick start for so many of international couples. There are plenty of Russian girls choose to be like their girlfriends who are happily married to Americans and Europeans. The web is full of romantic stories telling how a foreign boy met a local girl and they lived happily ever after. Being pretty and determined, a lass would think that if her friends were able to score some points with men from abroad, she can easily charm him, too. This is where a new chapter of her life begins. Majority of girls are smart enough to win a heart of a foreigner despite all the difficulties that can appear on the way to her ultimate happiness. However, while looking for a bliss in relationship, beautiful girls need to overcome varied barriers to find that one and only in their home country. Such a project is tough because there are so many reasons:

Deficit of good local guys

As statistics report, there have been fewer Russian men than women. They say there are much more ladies in Mother Russia than there are men they can go for. Today, a hundred of women lack 3 men to couple up with, so smart girls need to look for their soul mates elsewhere. Another reason is that these beauties live almost 10 years longer than their spouses do.
Local men are too basic

Taking into account local mentality, these girls are not ready to settle down with baby-boys, and Russian men sometimes need major breastfeeding instead of a family on their own. Quite often, ladies have to make a hard decision choosing between harsh cool guys or mommy’s boys. This is another reason local girls look for greener pastures with better guys.

Pretty Russian girls become violence victims

Slavic guys can be very rude at times and raise their hand when furious. This is the reason why there is such a huge outflow of females from the country who move abroad looking for lives they truly deserve. Gorgeous girls look forward to finding a tender guy from another country they can rely one. Furthermore, guys from Russian are known for their addiction to spirits on top of awful behavoirial patterns and domestic violence. We hear a lot of stories on the news when grown-up men from Russia beat up each others like bullies and do not remember a single thing the day after when they are sober again.

Russian girls require a reliable leader

One more kind of local guys is the ones who were brought up by their parents who were too caring. These species are completely different from harsh guys who drink. Usually, they don’t have harmful addictions apart from close ties with mommies they heart. Such kind of women are always keep their eyes peeled and try to manage every single sign of their baby-sons. This kind of guys are not able to grow up for the support from their female parent is 24/7. Thus, the chances such baby-men will remain on their own for the whole life are very high. He will always ask for more love without giving back much in return. There are not many lasses who are up for settling down with such immature guys who cannot be leaders in their new families. It doesn’t matter how great and caring Russian women are, these guys will never be satisfied because their moms are much better.

What type of males are Russian women into?

True leaders

A young and pretty lass would definitely go for a guy who sticks to his guts and rarely changes his initial opinion. Such men make reliable husbands women can trust and confide in. She is unlikely to ignore a guy with leadership skills and true manhood.

Responsible males

A female is longing to meet at truly reliable and mature guy who will be responsible for his decisions. Stunning lasses are so lady-like and tender that they will be happy to have someone strong and courageous by their side.

Caring and romantic

Along with maturity and guts, a guy must pay attention to romantic ingredient of their relation. If a guy plans to conquer her heart, he needs to be all ears and pay much into what the lady says for quite often she expresses her feelings and talks about things that are really important for her. Be a foreign prince, do not forget to give her flowers and sweets, allow her to enter the restaurant first holding the doors etc.

Russian girls as wives

A lot of guys coming from North America or Western Europe die to marry females for their known to be amazing soul mates. Family means a lot in Russian, and Russian girls adore their families. For most of them, work and office success are 2nd on the list. The same pattern could be seen with Belorussian girls and other female citizens of former USSR whose moms educate them from childhood how to be good house-keepers and cook tasty food to impress a man. Beautiful lasses make great housewives and mothers while they want their husbands to bring home the bacon. In most situations, a foreigner will not have to splurge spending money on cleaners and cooks since a lass would like to do those duties without any help from outside. Western men that already caught beautiful lasses would not deny that their choice was not a mistake.

A typical Russian woman will do her best to please her soul mate if he pays her back with attention and care. Don’t forget that your feelings bring a smile to your wife’s face not the presents you buy.

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