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Gifts a Russian Girl Is Guaranteed to Like

Want to make a gift for his Russian girl, but cannot even imagine what will surprise her? Let’s think together.

For example, you gave her mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner … Be sure Russian women like to have a lot of different cosmetics. Do you like how she smells? So perfumes and creams you also gave her. Say that she is so soft and fluffy? Yeah she is lucky, she has tons of stuffed animals.

Well, let’s think seriously. You do not know what to give her in addition to this hackneyed stuff. Do you want to be original, do you want she likes you or maybe just to make amends for her. You often do it …:)

Most women are very fond of animals. You can give her small purebred puppy or buy a small kitten of British breed, they are very popular. Yes, they are not cheap, but it worth. Russian wives are also very fond of flowers; do not forget to give them lot ones. Somebody likes roses, somebody likes wildflowers the best. Like anything special, but nice. On the flowers you can make labels and even put your pictures. She will like it, be sure.

Alternatively, you can present the original box; you can choose almost any store or ordered to a master. May be you can make it by yourself? Then, just surprise her. She will put there her makeup or jewelry and know you’ve made it for her with love. On the box you can make the engraving.

By the way, if we are talking about jewelry … How long have you been together? Near a month, week, year or two? Or maybe it’s time to give her something from jewelry as a symbol of your love? Maybe she is waiting for it with your declaration of love

If to be really serious, Russian lady does not care as for the value of the gift, it is important for her the guy`s attention! You do not need to give her some expensive gifts, remember even coffee, which will be prepared for her in the morning will be a really good present for her.

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