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The best way to say a Russian girl that you love her

It’s always a pleasure to watch the unexpected things men are willing to do in order to surprise his chosen woman with the most unusual declaration of love. For the sake of this joyous feeling, it will take some work to get the Russian girl you love to remember this day forever.

Before you bestow her with your recognition, you should learn a little more about it. It’s not always good to improvise so think in advance about all the details and consider the largest possible number of variants of events. The better you are prepared, the easier it will be to impress her with your insight and care.

Choose a beautiful and unusual place to confess your love. This is one of the components of success. The female sex pays a lot of attention to the external entourage, while for men it’s important they hear the meaning of the words. But we should not conclude from this that the Russian woman takes for granted everything that you say if it will be around a fabulous atmosphere. To make sure your plan successfully is realized, we must first know the preferences of your girl, because not everyone will feel comfortable, for example, on stage in front of others people. In such cases, her reaction may be quite opposite to the one you expect. Whatever you’re prepared to do, every girl is prone to romance.
Buy a luxurious bouquet of flowers. This is a win-win situation. Of course, except in cases where the girls are allergic. In advance, find out her favorite flowers by asking a friend of hers. If you can’t find this out then roses are always a good fit.

Try to avoid unnecessary details she is unlikely to appreciate. Still, you should make it a surprise. And the same surprise effect will prevail. It does not matter how much you spend but how sincere you are.

Rehearse what you intend to say in advance. It can be common for men to make serious mistakes when confessing their love. The words you say to your beloved must come from the heart, but at the same time, your feelings should not be feigned. If you feel that you are worried, it’s better to say so, and the weird laughter, incoherent words like “Well I … like … I love you or something … ‘ may cause her suspicion that you are mocking her. Remember, nothing should hinder you to please your beloved. Let her remember this forever as one of the brightest and happiest moments of her life.

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