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Learn about Differences between American and Russian Girls

American and Russian girls are very different. These differences arise from the ways they are brought up in their contrasting societies. The beauty of Russian women is the issue regularly discussed in many articles. However, it is not the only and by far not the most important point men pay attention to when choosing a life partner. Of course, the first impression matters, but after it the girl’s personality takes over.

Most appreciated qualities – American Girls vs Russian Girls

Femininity is one of the features men are looking for in women. As most men confess, they find it quite difficult to build relationships with their compatriots. American girls prefer to grow their careers and achieve professional success. They tend to compete with men not only in the office, but also at home. It is important for a Russian girl to take good care of her home and to meet her husband after work with a tasty home-made dinner. The mentality of Russian girls is such that they want to be protected by their husbands while giving them support from the inside. The fact is that Western men in vast majority need exactly this kind of family relationships.

Relationships – Russian Women vs American Women

Another essential aspect refers to flexibility and patience. The urge of American
women to surpass men makes them quite tough in personal life. Such women are considered to be too independent in a sense of building relationships as well as making compromises. In case of arising problems they feel it is easier to break up with their men than to meet halfway, let alone to concede. At the same time, Russian women are more gentle and cooperative. Moreover, they do not suffer from excessive ambitions, which is absolutely inappropriate in family relationships. Natural wisdom helps women maintain a sense of balance between their convictions or wishes and peace in the home.

Quick wit and sense of humor are also among qualities appreciated by men. It is much more interesting to live with someone who has what to say and is ready to laugh. In addition, the mode of life in the post-Soviet space develops creative insight and practical mind, which come in handy for domestic use. Sometimes there arise extraordinary situations that can baffle anyone. By force of habit Slavic girls are able to resolve them in a blink of an eye. This useful skill really delights Western men.

Dating Russian women – What to do?

Every woman in the world dreams to be special for her man. Foreigners who addressing international agencies with intentions find wife must realize that Russian ladies as everyone else require respect along with sincere affection. Dating with Russian girls brings nothing but joy as these amazing ladies know how to make their beloved man happy.
Foreigners who finally decided visiting Russia as well as inviting bride on a first date should remember that in order to marry Russian bride one must win her heart. These ladies appreciate romantic evenings out, long strolls in park or surprise getaways with beloved partner. Intimate meaningful conversations are also a key to Russian woman’s heart as she appreciates sincere care and genuine interest in her individuality.
A perfect marriage is a partnership

It may sound not very romantic, but marriage works just like business. When you have a business partner who skips meetings, ignores customers, dips his hand in the till without informing you, and argues himself hoarse against your remarks or offers, the prosperity of your undertaking is rather doubtful. The same concerns the marriage. In order for a relationship to work, it needs to have the full attention of both participants. Both a man and a woman need to respect each other, including their duties and responsibilities towards one another and their family. It is possible only if two loving people are not locked in eternal competition for dominance, but able to reach a reasonable settlement of all outstanding problems. Russian girls understand it like no one else.

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