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Traditional food of Russian women

It will be quite difficult to get acquainted with a Russian woman who does not know how to cook. The point is that cooking is a traditional duty and responsibility of a woman in a family. Usually, girls help their mothers in the kitchen since the early age and thus adopt practices and learn how to prepare such dishes as soups, salads, stews, meat and many more. With due regard to a modest way of life in Slavic countries, women know how to make a tasty and savory meal using a minimum set of products. They are very creative and innovative in their cooking. If there is anything lacking among the necessary ingredients, they do not doubt to replace it or even add something new. With a good knowledge and feeling of food product combinations, these experiments always turn successful.

There are two valuable aspects of Russian women that might interest Western men who do not know much about these ladies. Here they are:

  1. Conservatism, which manifests itself in devotion to good quality products and home cooking. Slavic women do not recognize fast-food and ready or semi-manufactured food products. So, with this kind of approach your nutrition will surely be proper and healthy.
  2. Curiosity, in terms of new tastes and dishes. Women adore discovering original recipes and surprising their husbands and children, as well as friends, neighbors and distant relatives. It means that your life and taste sensations will not only revolve around Slavic cuisine, but will also include different specialties from other countries and traditions.

Another peculiarity of Russian women is that they tend to plan weekly family meals as if they were executive chefs in some classy restaurants. You can be positive that the home menu will always be diverse and seasonally inspired. The variety of dishes and recipes will please your eye as well as your palate and make you appreciate your woman even more.
Family dishes for all occasions

You should be ready that there are dishes that will be traditionally present on your dining table from time to time. Probably, you have already heard of them. Their names are – olivier (salad), borsch (soup) and potato babka (second course). Despite the incompatibility of ingredients used in this salad, olivier is extremely tasty and often becomes one of the favorite dishes among those who have never tried it before. When it comes to borsch, you may find it too red and too bright. But if you are brave enough to eat it, you will discover an absolutely new world of taste. Potato babka is made in the oven and is usually served with the sour crème. Each hostess has her own recipe of this dish, but the enjoyment is equal.

Do not worry if these courses seem unfamiliar to you. As a rule, they all are very much liked by Western men.

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